What our customers are saying:

"Outstanding program, been looking for something like this for a while."
"I have told my friends about this program also."
"ABC Amber is great for retrieving archived files and retrieval when update PC."
"It's excellent. I just archived over 3000 emails in minutes."
"We have a lot of confidence in your program!"
"I just purchased the full version, because I think your product is very useful."
"The pdf creation option is perfect. I will definitely recommend your software to my clients."
"I am quite impressed."
"I have been using your product for a week or two and really love it - it has been helpful in archiving my email "jungle"!"
"You have an excellent piece of software."
"Nice program - I'm tempted, and so is a friend who pointed it out to me."
"Just tried...excellent!!!! Exactly what I needed!"
"This is one of the most useful programs that I ever registered and I am using this almost daily."
"I just tried out a free download, and was so impressed that I immediately bought the full version. I was very impressed at how easy, and how well it works."
"Really neat program."
"I've only used this product for 3 minutes, but the performance seems excellent."
"This is a great utility."
"It will be a big help for me, because it will allow me to archive my messages in a format (.pdf) that anyone can later access conveniently."
"The program is fantastic."
"I have used the product and it worked perfectly for what I needed to do. It took a project that I would guess would have taken somewhere between 25 to 40 hours and I was able to program a solution in 1 hour!"




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